I went in Ethiopia for the first time with friends, trip organised by a french tour- operator.During...

The Rift Valley

The Rift Valley can be seen from outer space. On its north eastern side you can fine the ‘Dankil Depression’ It is one of the lowest points on the earth at 116m below sea level, and by far THE hottest place on earth. However the Rift Valley also hosts Ethiopia’s second highest peak in the Bale mountains at 4373m above sea level on its south eastern side.

The Valley includes four national parks including ‘Abita Shala’ & ‘Bale Mountain’ and more than six crater lakes including the beautiful ‘Lake Zway’). The Rift Valley provide a fantastic environment for bird watchers as well as general nature lovers. Birds in these lakes include flamingo, pelicans, strokes, herons, cormorants and many more.

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