My wife and I visited south Ethiopia for 2 weeks. South Ethiopia Tours organized the trip for us with a...

Prim Wilson from USA

A fantastic tour company! I enjoyed myself even more than I had anticipated. My favourite part was the bull jumping ceremony and the Mursi tribes. My tour was very reasonably costed & I would most definitely use Exciting Ethiopia Tours again. The driver and guide were very knowledgable and spoke English well. I would recommend this tour company to anyone who is looking for a professional, organised & above all an exciting experience in Ethiopia. Thank you Exciting Ethiopia Tours! Prim x

Vladimir, Israel

I had excellent experience in South Ethiopia with my travel agent George Ashebir. It was real pleasure to work with him, extremely responsible, quick response by emails and by Vyber. He also booked for me domestic flights for cheap price and upon my request made one change flight change during my trip. My driver was Biruk Seyoum, very nice guy and also professional and responsible. Based on my experience I highly recommend on them both. Thank you.

Pierre & Loretta, France:

My wife and I visited south Ethiopia for 2 weeks. South Ethiopia Tours organized the trip for us with a good car and driver.

We didn't want a guide for the whole trip, but George did stay with us for the first 2 days because one of our suitcases did not arrive with us, so we had to wait in Addis until it arrived, before going south. George was waiting for us when we arrived at the airport, even though we were late. He helped us a lot to find a hotel. He showed us around the areas outside Addis, explaining the cultural and historical aspects. He is very patient and always pleasant. George speaks very good English, and also gets along well in French. We have kept contact with George since our visit. We find his website well done, with lots of pictures and easy and pleasant to read.

Edina Papp, Doha

From the amazing guides to the beautiful landscape and tribes, Exciting Ethiopia tours makes a truly unique way of spending your holiday. A great opportunity to see and learn about Ethiopia's culture, people and nature. A must do if you are looking for a company that is trustworthy, knowledgable and will accommodate all your need. Thanks for the great travel experience!

Jean Paul Martineau, Normandy, France:

I went in Ethiopia for the first time with friends, trip organised by a french tour- operator.During this trip, I learned to know George and his brother Fitsum from Exciting Ethiopia Tours, on my request, George organised a trip for me in Southern Ethiopia: Omo Valley, Kiafer, Jinka, Turmi, visit of tribes and markets…… , always organised by George, we visited Northern Ethiopia: origin of humanity, Axum, Bahar Dar, Gondar, Lalibella etc.

Cynthia Fayman from Australia

Wow, what a travel experience! I absolutely loved my tour down to the Omo Valley. I will remember it for the rest of my life. The culture, the people, the terrain was simply magical and so out of this world. I recommend Exciting Ethiopia Tours to anyone who is looking for a tour company that is flexible and accommodating on every level. Thanks George for a wonderful experience. Cynthia xxxx

Please view my blog for more in depth stories at the website address www.newflowerethiopia.wordpress.com

Frank O’Flynn, Ireland:

I first met George on market day in Kay Afer (Lower Omo) and we have been friends ever since. George arranged a fantastic tour to each of the Lower Omo market towns and private visits to the local tribes. Being local to the region, he has excellent knowledge of the tribal people and their languages and customs – most of whom finish-up on market day by drinking honey wine and having great banter late into the night in George’s aunt’s bar before the long walk back to their villages!

Evelyne Garcia, Santander (Espagne):

Je n'aime pas les cliches, ni les photos touristiques, ni les voyages en groupe Positions difficilement soutenables quand il s'agit de faire un voyage en Afrique...

Heureusement la derniere a trouve sa meilleure solution dans le circuit organise pour notre petite famille par Southethiopiatours. Confort dans un solide CruiseLander, musique amarique entremelee, comme il se doit en Ethiopie,a Bob Marley, chauffeur experimente et notre excellent George commentant en francais ou en anglais ce qui etait propre du pays.

Pas d'hotels trop luxueux pour "touristes europeens"(nous, les tres recherches "farenjis") mais a la premiere etape un charmant complexe ou chacun peut prendre dejeuner et repas au milieu d'un beau jardin fleuri de mimosas et de bougainvilliers paisiblement parcouru par un aimable petit faon pret a faire la joie des enfants et a se laisser photographier quand ils l'alimentent. J'ai dit photo?Seulement 3, une pour chaque petit ethiopien de la famille!

A Key Afer, apres le marche du jeudi ou brillent les colliers de toutes les tribus voisines, les peintures des jeunes prets pour leur ceremonie d'initiation ("jumping bull") et la graisse coloree qui enrobe le corps, le visage et les cheveux des femmes Hammers et Bennas, j'echappe a peine a l'objectif mais le lendemain, c'est moi qui ne peut m'empecher de demander halte pour prendre, a l'attention de mes amis architectes, plusieurs vues de ponts en differentes phases de construction:ferraille a laquelle s'agripent les travailleurs _ hommes et femmes comme en Inde _,gros blocs de pierre taillee, des siecles avant ceux de tres haute technologie des Chinois et des siecles apres nos tres classiques ponts romains. Harmonieux cependant et resistants assez souvent aux puissantes crues des nombreuses rivieres a la saison des pluies.

Hors cliches, ce paysage si surprenant de beaute et verdure. De hautes montagnes, de tres larges vallees, des champs de mais, des huttes rustiques, un feu devant les portes la nuit. Dans cette Ethiopie qui s' attache a mon coeur j'ai soudain envie de prendre,sur ses pas,la Vallee du Rift ou cheminait notre vieille Lucy. Merveilleux pays, merveilleuse compagnie dont l'organisation est si bonne qu'on la sent a peine. Odeur des herbes,sourire eclatant de dents blanches, liberte.

Maciej Tarasin and Piotr Opacian, Poland:

In December 2008 we went down Omo river from Gibe Bridge to Mui junction. It was 10 day paddling adventure. We arranged with George of Exciting Ethiopia Tours that he will pick us up from Mui Junction on 27.12 while we had a return airplane on 29.12. Tight schedule. George turned out to be very reliable, punctual and friendly. It was a challenging trip for us and we were hoping that things will go right way. Mui Junction is way off the beaten track but not for George and his driver. We honestly can recommend George and his services to anyone who is looking for a true adventure but still expects excellent service.
A summary of our canoe trip is on Piotr's website -

http://www.piotropacian.pl/podsumowanieomo.php and photos

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