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Bahar Dar

Bahir Dar, meaning “sea shore” in Amharic, is an especially beautiful city set on the southeastern shore of Lake Tana which is in fact Ethiopia’s largest Lake. It is also only 30km from the spectacular Tissisat Falls (Blue Nile Falls), which stems off Lake Tana. The falls are always more amazing in the rainy season due to the rising water levels and enormous amounts of water that come crashing down and create that magical mist.

There are picturesque churches and magnificent murals from the 16th & 17th centuries. One of the more famous churches is two stories tall, carved out of stone and has an outside staircase. There are also a number of monasteries on surrounding Bahir Dar islands that can be visited by boat very easily. It is important to always respect these holy grounds of prayer and of course the people that worship.

Daily & weekly markets are a must in Bahir Dar. Beautiful ornaments, jewelry & crafts are available here that would make beautiful gifts for back home.

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