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Bale Mountains National park

This beautiful national park was first explored in the early 1900’s. The Bale Mountains are situated 400km southeast of Addis Ababa and is the home to 20 Ethiopian endemic mammal species such as the Mountain Nyala, Ethiopian Wolf (Semien Wolf), Bale Monkey, the Giant Molerat and more.

The best time to visit is between the months of November & April when the temperature is perfect and everyday is sunny & clear. The rainy season tends to be between the months of May & November for the Bale Mountain ranges, however the weather can change quite drastically depending on where you are altitude wise.

The park is on an area of about 2150 square kilometers and divided into 5 distinct environments or ecosystems: the Northern Grasslands (Gaysay Valley), Northern Woodlands (Park Headquarters), Afro-alpine Meadows (Sanetti Pleateau), Erica Moorlands, and the Harenna Forest.

The commonly seen Hygiene Abyssinia and juniper trees dominate the park and gives a suitable environment for such endemic bird species such as the thick Billed Raven, Roget's Rail, Wattled Ibis endemic and more.

Forest belts and escarpments surround the mountain, which is an ideal spot for trekkers and the more physically able adventurists.

The population is about 40,000 within the park boundaries; the majority of people speak the official language of Oromia. They are mainly famers and cattle herders and generally live in circular shaped houses, using materials such as bamboo, mud (to separate rooms) Eucalyptus trees & thatched grass.

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